Oaky North Lodge presents Honorary Life Membership to Black Lung Victims

In a gesture of solidarity and a commitment to stand by them throughout their ordeal, our Union’s Oaky North Lodge in Central Queensland presented Honorary Life membership to four of their former workmates suffering from Black Lung Disease.

Speaking before a crowded May Day celebration in Tieri, Lodge President Ross Clark presented Gary Schnidt, Brad Rogers, Brad Toby and Tim Trewin with their Honorary Life Membership certificates as the Tieri community loudly applauded.

Ross Clark paid tribute to the four Black Lung Victims: “You will always be part of our Oaky North Lodge and we will stand by each and every one of you and your families throughout your ordeal.

“This is a terrible disease that has been inflicted on you through the negligence of mining companies and the failure of previous governments and their departments to enforce a safe workplace.

“You have also been badly let down by medical professionals who failed to diagnose your disease. But you can rest assured that the Oaky North Lodge will back your campaign for justice and a Fair Go with all the resources at our disposal for as long as it takes”, he said.

At present there are some 107 Black Lung Victims officially diagnosed throughout Central Queensland with hundreds more expected to be added to the toll in the future.